Resources for Coaches

  • Monthly Coaches' Report

    Click HERE to access the report.

  • Coaching Books/Resources


    Coaching 101 by Robert Logan and Sherilyn Carlton


    Coaching 101 Handbook by Robert Logan and Gary Reinecke


    Coaching for Performance by John Whitmore


    Coaching for Excellence by Jane Creswell


    Coaching Questions: A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills by Tony Stoltzfus


    Empowering Leaders Through Coaching, an audio resource kit by Steve Ogne and Thomas Nebel


    Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus


    Leadership Coaching Live! a four‐CD set that demonstrates key principles from Tony Stoltzfus’ book, Leadership Coaching


    Transformissional Coaching: Empowering Leaders in a Changing Ministry World by: Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl


    Faith Coaching:  A Conversational Approach to Helping Others Move Forward in Faith by Chad Hall, Bill Copper, Kathryn McElveen.


    The COACH Model for Christian Leaders by Keith Webb

  • Coaching Expectations

    Click the icon to access the document that describes what we expect from our coaches.

  • Coaching Covenant

    We use this covenant between a coach and a planter in order to provide contact information and to clarify expectations for the agreed-upon coaching period

  • Sample Coaching Questions

    Use these as potential starting points for coaching conversations. Click the icon.