If you are thinking about planting, or mothering a new church, here are your first 4 steps to take. 

  1. Contact Aaron Sutherland at Discover Church Planting Email: Phone: 541-279-9781
  2. Fill out the Application for Church Planting Candidacy This will give us initial information about the planter, ministry history, references, and a glimpse into the idea for the new church. Find it HERE (Word Version). 
  3. Attend the Church Planter’s Assessment Center This is a 3 day assessment to find a candidate’s best ministry fit. It is after this assessment that we determine whether the candidate is ready for planting, and whether this will be a supported church plant by the DCP
  4. Begin a relationship with a coach of Discover Church Planting. This coach will provide invaluable support, resources and accountability for at least 24 months

We want every person who feels called to plant to have the greatest possible chance at fruitfulness and support, so we put significant energy and resources into the early stages of assessment. So if you’re interested, take the first 4 steps!