Meet Our church PLanters

These are our heroes on the front lines of God's Kingdom work!

  • Ben & Angie Sharkey

    Otis Orchards, WA

    Ben & Angie launched North Bridge Church in the spring of 2020.  The Church has grown into a thriving community as Ben and Angie have a heart for those who are hungry, in need and are looking for hope. When you get around them get ready to be encouraged, because these folks are full of energy and enthusiasm!

  • Nick & Kim wing

    Springfield, OR

    Nick and Kim launched Springfield Community Church in the fall of 2020. They are heavily involved in their community, working in the schools and loving their neighbors in order to bring them the love of Jesus. 

  • Aaron & Nicole Contreras

    Bend, OR

    Aaron and Nicole Contreras are looking to launch Pine Hills Community Church in Bend, OR in the fall of 2023. They are passionate about making a difference in this growing community. 

  • Oliver & Clavel Silva

    San Diego, CA

    Urban Life launched in September of 2019 and are reaching a multi-ethnic congregation in Chula Vista, CA. Oliver hails from Peru, and has also pastored in Tijuana. Clavel is a voice of faith and encouragement to all of those that meet her.

  • Izaak & Bre Downing

    Wasilla, AK

    Izaak & Bre have launched "Alive Alaska" in November 2019. They have a heart for those who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol and other life-gripping, destructive habits, and they are bringing them the hope of Jesus!

  • Chivoan & Ny kao

    Rosemead, CA

    Chivoan and Ny planted NexGen Open Bible Church in the spring of 2019 with the heart to reach the Cambodian community.