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CDP Connect - San Diego, California - September 2023 -

From September 21 to September 23 you are invited to “CONNECT 2023” at the Dana Resort Hotel on Mission Bay in San Diego. The Dana, is beautifully located on the bay right next to Old Town and Sea World.  The setting alone is worth the trip, but additionally, we will hear from the heart of Discover Church Planting’s founder, Chris Hansler.  Chris is not only a friend to so many of us the DCP family, but at Connect, he will remind us of why we set out on this crazy adventure to begin with.  Our goals for CONNECT are simple.

1. To connect with Jesus, 

2. To connect with each other, 

3. To connect once again with our mission.

Exponential - Orlando, Florida - March of 2024

Discernment Center - Eugene, Oregon - May of 2024