Pacific Planting Assessment Pics

19 11 2014

Congrats to these candidates from Florida, Iowa and California who all opened their lives to the direction  of the Lord. Great churches and ministries will be started from these couples! And thanks too to our assessors and teachers who  brought such  insight and wisdom to the Assessment Center!

Pacific Planting Assessment Center

25 06 2014

Assessment Center

Date: November 11-14, 2014

Location: Celebration Center, 13603 86th Ave E, Puyallup, WA  98373

Purpose: To help the candidate discover, through prayerful, discerning and objective evaluation whether church planting is a wise direction at this time for their future.

Though this is an evaluative event and not a training event, it will provide opportunity for valuable learning experiences with other like-minded leaders.

Also, the Pacific Planting Network will use the results of the assessment to determine whether to extend an offer of support to a potential planter. We want to be able to answer this question: Does this person have the capacity to start a church that will be self-sustaining in 2-3 years, and reproducing within 5 years?


  • Three and a Half Days   Enough time to connect, to observe, and to evaluate
  • Multiple Advisors   Ministry leaders who have experience as pastors and church planters, have been trained as coaches and assessors and have worked with many leaders in a variety of contexts. We will also have an onsite professional counselor to add additional insight. This provides an objective basis for evaluation.
  • A Variety of Tools   There is a pre-assessment application, and we use instruments such as a Marriage Inventory, DISC, EQi (Emotional Quotient Inventory) and the Church Planter’s Candidate Assessment from Lifeway that are submitted prior to the assessment to aid in the overall evaluation of the potential planter.
  • Creative Exercises   These include teaching, interviews and individual and group presentations.
  • Objective Outcomes   At the end of the assessment every candidate is given helpful feedback of strengths, things to work on, and specific recommendations of next steps to take. Regarding church planting, one of three outcomes is given:
  1. Recommended:  This candidate is ready to plant.
  2. Conditionally Recommended: Recommended after meeting certain criteria or conditions.
  3. Not Recommended: Not Recommended for planting, but given other options that, in our opinion, would be a better ministry fit.

The goal is to help every person discover where they are best suited to serve God’s Kingdom. One of the best things a person can discover is that church planting is not for them before they jump into it. In these cases, we will encourage other directions because we believe everybody is a 10 somewhere!

 Cost: $1400.00 per couple.  For those in the Pacific Planting Network, committed to plant in the Pacific Region, and licensed through Open Bible, this cost is covered.

To apply, please fill out our Assessment Profile & Application and send it to .

Pacific Regional Conference in Spokane!

11 06 2014

We hope you will join us at “Design” – our Pacific Open Bible Conference in Spokane from June 17-19. This conference will have a distinct focus on church planting. We will have great speakers such as Darren Whitehead and Richie Shaw, as well as excellent opportunities to reconnect, build relationships and rest! Click HERE to get more information.

Next Pacific Planters’ Cluster – Portland, OR

23 04 2014

Join us in Portland at the Portland Airport Sheraton for great training, interaction and building supportive relationships that will keep us growing! To register, click HERE


1:00 Training, Lunch, Interaction and Resourcing

5:30 Dinner Out

7:30 Big Al’s

For those in our Network   (Assessed and approved by the Pacific Planting Network)

Cost: If current monthly planting reports have been submitted, $40 per person for those in the Pacific Planting Network.  Pacific Planting Network will cover the cost of one airfare per couple and hotel for one night for those in the Network.

Vicki Adams will set up travel arrangements. Contact her by April 25th at  or 541.343.4021.

 For Guests outside of our Network

Cost, including hotel,  dinner, all training & activities is $160.00 per person, or $200 per couple. For guests outside of the network, please set up your own travel arrangements.

We hope you’ll join us!

What About Jim?

19 03 2014

Please check out this story put out by Rhapsody Church of Vancouver, WA ( that illustrates what God can do through a church plant! Click the picture to watch the video!



Pacific Planters on Alcatraz!

24 02 2014

Next Pacific Planting Cluster – San Francisco!

15 01 2014

We’ll gather in San Francisco on February 21st  for training and connection. Check it out here:

San Francisco Cluster

Assessment Center Pics 2013

14 01 2014

Each year we assess potential church planting candidates to hear their stories, help them to evaluate their calling and giftedness and see where their best fit is in the Kingdom. It is an honor to work with a great team of assessors and a joy to hear the passion of these called ones!


Pacific Planting Headed to Exponential West

2 10 2013

Exponential West is October 8-10 in Lake Forest, California at Saddleback Church. Many of the Pacific Planting Network planters and coaches will be headed there for one of the largest gathering of church planters, coaches and trainers in the country!

Greg Surratt at Fresh 2013!

27 06 2013


Fresh 2013 is the National Convention of Open Bible Churches. Greg Surratt, founder and president of ARC – Association of Related Churches, challenged us to think bigger and strategically about church planting.  Greg has helped facilitate the planting of over 300 churches through ARC