In his blog, Ed Stetzer encourages, "if you are planting a church you need a coach..."

A coach is perhaps one of the most important resources to a church planter.

The role of the church planting coach is to draw the best out of the church planter, and to provide support, resources and accountability to the church planter. Once approved by assessment, every PPN church planter will have opportunity to work with a trained coach who will connect with them twice each month. Below are our current church plant coaches:

Mike Nortune - Founding Pastor, Life Church, Concord, CA. Mike has been a youth pastor, a national youth director, a camp and conference speaker and currently pastors the church he planted 7 years ago with his wife Julie and 6 kids.

Brandon & Joy Berg - Founding Pastor, Rhapsody Church, Vancouver, WA. Brandon has served as a youth and staff pastor in Washington and California. He currently pastors the church he planted 3 years ago with his wife Joy and his 2 kids.

Dr. Don Bryan - Executive Director, Mission USA, Eugene, OR. Don has been responsible for the planting of dozens of churches in both Trinidad and the U.S. He has served as the President of Eugene Bible College and the Regional Director of Pacific Open Bible. Don is currently working primarily as a coach with our multi-ethnic church planters.

Dr. Phil Newell - Founder, "To Finish Well"; Ministry Coach; Faculty at Life Pacific College. Phil pastored First Church of the Open Bible in Portland, OR for over 30 years. He has served as a church planting coach and assessor with the Church Multiplication Training Center and with CRM.

Doug Thomas - Director of Hispanic Ministry Church Planting, Western Open Bible Churches. Doug serves as a coach to our Hispanic church plants.


While we believe it is important to get training, we believe it is more effective and more fun to do it together. So every quarter our planters and coaches meet together somewhere on the West Coast for training and to have some fun together.

The goals of our clusters are pretty simple:

1. To get to know each other a little better, and have fun doing it. 

2. To learn or be reminded of something that will help us as we do our best in our part to build God’s Kingdom. 

Some of this will happen in our “official” meeting time, but much of it may happen around dinner, or just hanging out together. So you'll find us at baseball games, or on Alcatraz, or river rafting, or at Pike Place Market, or maybe on the beach after a great time of training together.